Benefits of airbackup Online Backup Software

Benefits with airbackup

Back up as many servers and workstations in your company as you like. Access all backup and restore features via remote access with just a single click of the mouse.

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Highest Security Requirements and Quality Standards

Triple Encryption For Maximum Protection

  • Private key encryption code which only you know!
  • Client-side 256 bit AES encryption prior to data transfer
  • 128 bit SSL encryption for a secure end-to-end data transfer

Certified Data Centers In United States Certified Data Centers

  • Location: Atlanta, United States
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certification for Information Security Management Systems and much more
  • Redundant data storage

Evolutionary Technology

BackupBoost™ Technology For Less Data Volume and Extremely Fast Backup and Restore
  • Automated deduplication: airbackup recognizes duplicated data before the start of the actual data transfer.
  • Targeted backup: within milliseconds airbackup will identify data, which has been modified after your last backup.
  • Maximum compression: airbackup compresses your data to a minimum before the actual start of your backup.
  • Minimal data volume: airbackup will only send modified data blocks instead of transferring the whole file.
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Professional Features

Bandwidth Throttling

You choose how much of the available bandwidth airbackup may use. Restrict the upload and download speed individually on workdays or use it all on the weekend.

Hybrid Backup

Secure your data centrally with one backup solution and the Local SpeedKick™, locally and in external data centers, onsite and offsite. airbackup provides for double the amount of security and an even faster data-restore from your local copy.


Just add a desired command to your backup plan - e.g. so that your computer shuts down after every backup.

Automated Backup

Relax and let the software work for you in the background. Create your individual schedule for an automated backup.

Proxy Settings

Would you like to use a proxy server? Then just supply it in your settings - with or without authentication.


Always benefit from the latest version and most recent airbackup features.

Web-based Admin Console

  • Manage All Your Devices Centrally The airbackup Manager lets you configure and control the backup of all your devices through a centralized, browser-based dashboard.
  • Organize In Groups Manage all your devices transparently in groups, e.g. in departments or locations.
  • Remote Access Would you like to start a backup of a server or restore the system state of a workstation? Then simply access all backup features for all your company devices from anywhere online.
  • Backup And Restore HistoryAlways be on the safe side: With airbackup you can find out immediately whether an error occurred during a backup or a restore of one of your devices - via e-mail alerts if you wish.

airbackup Has No Limits

Unlimited Number of Workstations and Servers

We backup as many servers and workstations in your company as you like on a single subscription.

Does your Business Grow with Your Data?

We do not set any boundaries for your company growth: Whether it is gigabytes or terabytes you need, airbackup will secure your data reliably.

First Class Support

If you have already been in contact with our TeamViewer Support Team you know about our quality mission. Our airbackup experts are happy to assist you!


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