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Introduction to Online Backup Tutorials

airbackup is a backup software solution brought to you by TeamViewer. Learn about some of the powerful features that make airbackup one of the best cloud storage solutions for online backup.

Video transcription

airbackup is an easy to use, yet powerful enterprise-level back up solution, brought to you by TeamViewer.

airbackup has several powerful features, that make it indispensable to businesses of all sizes. Some of airbackup's enterprise focused features are:

  • simple setup
  • backup of network shares
  • backup of mySQL
  • MSSQL databases
  • web-based airbackup manager
  • local speed kick and
  • easy file restore.

Click on a topic to learn more about the airbackup feature. These are just some of the great features that can be found in airbackup.

Start your free trial today, to see how easy it is to keep your systems backed up.

airbackup – untape your backup.

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