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airbackup – BackupBoost for Fast Backups

With BackupBoost™, airbackup is one of the fastest online backup solutions available. Find out more in this video.

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BackupBoost™ is a technology solution in airbackup, that allows for fast backups.

airbackup deduplicates all the selected data, ensuring that only one copy of the duplicate data will be transfered to our secure servers. Before airbackup transfers your data, it's encrypted locally, on your system, and is highly compressed. On your initial backup, airbackup transfers a complete set of all the selected data to our secure servers. Once the initial backup has been completed, airbackup will automatically recognize what data has been modified, or is new, and will only transfer these data blocks. These data blocks are also encrypted on your system, and are highly compressed.

All this means that airbackup lets you back up your data as efficiently as possible.

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