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airbackup – Online backup and restore of your business data

Find out more about airbackup – the secure, fast & easy online backup and restore of your Business data.

Video transcription

airbackup is an easy to use, yet powerful enterprise level backup solution, brought to you by TeamViewer. With airbackup, you can create a full backup of your system, leveraging the convenience and security of off-site backups, via the cloud. airbackup, is very secure, and is able to backup files on individual workstations, exchange servers, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL Servers, or even a complete file server, fully automated. And, since your backup is cloud-based, you can remotely manager your backups from any device, any where. Some of the other great features include:

  • scheduled backup
  • disaster recovery
  • restore specific files or folders
  • reporting
  • local speedkick, a hybrid solution cloud-based and local backup drive.

Getting started is easy. Simply visit the website, airbackup.com and download the client for your system. Set up a new device, and create a personal encryption key, so only you can access your data. For later recovery, save or print the device ID and the device password. Next, enter an email address where you'd like to receive your backup report and set how often you'd like to receive the reports. Once the airbackup client is installed, the device's web-based dashboard will open.

To get started, with your backup, click on files, and select the files or folders you would like to back up. Then, run backup. The first time you perform a backup, all the selected files will be encrypted and then backed up. After the first backup, only the modified or added files will be uploaded this ensures an extremely fast backup. To set up your backup schedule, simply click on the setup button in the client. You can edit the default schedule or add additional schedules. If you would to manage multiple devices, airbackup makes it easy. From the airbackup client on your device, click the manage button. Or, visit airbackup.com and log into the airbackup Manager with your existing TeamViewer account, or sign up for a free account. In the airbackup Manager, you can see the backup properties, for all your devices, like the last backup, statistics, and any recent errors. You can even remotely run a backup manually, by clicking, run backup. For easier organization, you can group your devices. Click on the + symbol to create a new group. Then, select the properties for the device and select the group you'd like the device to belong to. airbackup, simple, powerful cloud-based backups.

Start your free trial today to see how easy it is to keep your systems, backed up.

airbackup, untape your backup.

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